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A commitment to quality

No less than excellence.

About us

It's Family

Le Chemin du Prince is a family business that prides itself on perpetuating exceptional craftsmanship. Our pieces are hand-stitched, combining meticulousness, excellence, and simplicity. Each one is designed to stand the test of time, to be worn, passed on, and cherished throughout a lifetime.
Our creations are tailored to your image; they are the expression of your story, a story woven with emotions and memories.

Our Mission

Our approach is guided by respect for artisanal tradition and the desire to offer the very best. Our mission goes beyond the simple creation of products; we aspire to provide an experience that inspires and enriches your personal quest for excellence.

Our Story

The 'family' of Le Chemin du Prince traces its origins to a village nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean mountains, where olive trees and fig trees blend with the gentle landscape. Emerging from an environment steeped in modesty, we were nurtured on values of humility and simplicity.

Our grandmother worked the clay, wove wool, and farmed the land with her own hands.She was a strong woman who taught us the importance of meticulous and thorough work. It was with this background that we settled in Montreal. We encountered the reality of mass production for the first time. This method often neglects quality, work ethics, and environmental sustainability.

The overflowing displays of ephemeral items, mass-produced and quickly destined for oblivion, led us to reflect on the value of manual labour and the critical role of artisans in maintaining both quality and ethical production standards.

One evening, together as a family, we rediscovered one of our (late) grandmother's creations, a magnificent rug woven by her hands. It took us on a journey through time, bringing back the sweet memories of her life.

Her hands, always busy, wielded the loom with dexterity and passion. For her, weaving was a means of expression, an opportunity to share her love.

It then became clear to us. We want to create durable pieces that withstand the test of time and carry emotions and memories. This is how Le Chemin Du Prince was born.

Our choice naturally fell on leather goods, an ancient art where the finesse of manual labor marries timeless elegance.

Leather, with its rich texture and ability to improve with age, proved to be the ideal medium for our creations.

The natural warmth and flexibility of leather offer an exceptional blank canvas, allowing us to customize our pieces to the essence of their owner.

Thus, every creation designed at Le Chemin Du Prince becomes a life companion, a silent witness to the experiences lived and yet to come, crossing time and generations.


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